Everyone knows the Louvre. The Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa are among the most popular attractions in Paris. The Musée d’Orsay is also a must-visit for art lovers. This museum, located in a former train station, has several impressive art galleries.

Besides the Louvre, there are also over 130 museums in Paris that are suitable for different types of interests. These include art galleries, fashion museums, and even fairgrounds.

Besides having permanent collections, Paris museums also offer temporary exhibitions designed to appeal to different audiences.

The Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum is located in two beautiful mansions. This free museum is dedicated to showcasing the history of Paris. It features over 200 artifacts designed to connect the visitor to the city’s past. 

The Cluny Museum

Located in the Latin Quarter, the Cluny Museum is a must-visit for 21st-century visitors who are fascinated by the city’s history of Roman occupation. It displays various artifacts from the Gallo-Roman baths, which were built in 200 CE. These ancient remains are among the largest of their kind in northern Europe.

One of the popular exhibits at the Cluny Museum is “The Lady and the Unicorn,” which features six exquisite tapestry works from 1500. This work is considered to be the Mona Lisa of the Middle Ages. The six works depict various aspects of the human body, including the senses. The sixth tapestry, which is also open to interpretation, shows the heart.

In May 2022, the museum was renovated. It features various treasures, such as Sainte-Chapelle relics and Notre Dame fragments. The museum also has a beautiful little Gothic chapel from the 15th century.

La Galerie Dior

The museum in Paris’ La Galerie Dior is a must-visit for fashion lovers. It features 13 thematic rooms designed to bring out the best in one’s senses. The museum’s creative history is narrated through various videos, sketches, and archival documentation. Besides showcasing Christian Dior’s creations, the museum has an extensive collection of exquisite dresses. The house of Christian Dior was established in this location. It’s believed that Christian Dior’s passion for design and desire to create exquisite dresses led to the establishment of La Galerie Dior. 

The Museum Of Art and History of Judaism

The museum’s permanent collection features artifacts from various countries, including Northern Africa, France, and Europe. Some popular exhibits include ancient Torah scrolls, Hannukah lamps, and Parisian tombstones dating back to 1281. Besides these, the museum also has original documents about the Dreyfus Affair.

The Marmottan Monet Museum

If you’re a fan of Claude Monet, then you’ll want to visit the Orangerie Museum, Orsay Museum, and The Gardens at Giverny. However, if you’re a fan of the artist, then the Marmottan Monet Museum is a must-visit. This museum features over a hundred of his works, which were donated by his son Michel. The museum’s new addition features a room that showcases some of the artist’s most magnificent water lilies. This room was built to allow the public to view these works of art for the first time.


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